Consulting Overview

Vaithu offers a variety of services covering almost every need of enterprise
integrations. Learn more about our services below.


Vaithu provides a team of knowledgeable learning advisors, expert instructors, training coordinators, and technical support staff to offer an unparalleled training experience.

Application Development

Vaithu provides exclusive application development in IBM Integration Bus ranging from WebSphere Message Brokerv7 to IBM Integration Busv10.We deliver high quality,easy to maintain,reliable, secure and easy to deploy solutions in IIB


Vaithu application support services help you get the best out of your existing IIB applications. The services span offshore-ability analysis, maintainability analysis, support, and enhancement.

What We Do

Vaithu provides unparalleled guidance on design, code, test, document, deploy, and maintain IIB/WMB integrations in a cost effective way without draining your internal resources.


From strategy through execution, Vaithu’s Advisory practice helps client to build high efficient integrations using IBM Integration Bus.

Proof of Concept

A quick PoC will help you grasp your ideas and Vaithu's potential quickly. We'll draft a proposal for you where we aim to answer all your doubts as quickly as possible through a real usable application.

Custom Solutions

Our Integration professionals are problem solvers, providing value to their clients through analyzing and interpreting existing message flows, advising on intricate integration matters and providing solutions which best suites for them.

Bug Fixes

Ever encountered a bug in a message flow or ESQL/Java code you're using that blocks your release or makes you do ugly workarounds? Call/Text us immediately

Qualified Support

Our support team is online 24/7,ask questions about anything or let us do the heavy lifting for you by implementing a message flow or part of your flow for you. 

Code Optimization

Is your message flow taking too much time to process messages? Not sure how to improve the performance? We are the experts in code review and analysis to suggest you how and where to optimize the code to get high performance

Why Choose Us

We work exclusively on IIB/WMB Application Development and Training. We can help you design, code, test, document, deploy, and maintain IIB/WMB integrations. Engage us to optimize your existing WMB applications, ensure they take full advantage of the multicore hardware, eliminate performance bottlenecks, reduce startup time and memory consumption, etc.Whether you are facing an intermittent bug, performance degradation, scalability issue, or memory leak, we have the expertise and tools to help you diagnose, isolate and fix the problem.

Don't hesitate to ask about consulting services

Have a critical project coming up but running short of resources? Vaithu can help you with an array of consulting services. Just leave a short message with your business requirement in the chat window and we shall get back to you.