development support

What we do

Anything related to IBM Integration Bus we do like message flow design, message modelling, ESQL coding, Java coding, logging framework, automatic bar file deployment, code review, performance improvements, migration, production support, administration and defect fixing etc.

Choose Your Plan

Make sure you have the best IIB experts at hand when you need them. Ask for architectural help? Check. Have a mentoring expert in your team? Check. Create a time critical Message flow for you? Check. Sign up for a Support package to guarantee that you get help from the team that has strong experience in IIB, when you need it the most.

  • Two dayresponse time
  • Emailsupport
  • Limitedfixes
  • NoScreen Sharing
  • NoPhone Support
  • NoDedicated Support

Most popular

  • One dayresponse time
  • Email and Chatsupport
  • Unlimitedfixes
  • Screensharing
  • Limited Phonesupport
  • NoDedicated Support
  • One hourresponse time
  • Email and chatsupport
  • Unlimitedfixes
  • ScreenSharing
  • Phonesupport
  • Dedicated developersupport

Questions & Answers

How support works?
Support allows you to ask anything IIB related from an IIB expert, helping you to develop your IIB application effectively.
Will you refund the money if I'm not satisfied?
We're confident in the quality and added value we bring your team through Vaithu Support. If however you're unhappy with the service during the first 30 days and our experts can't solve the issue for you, we'll give your money back.
When can support fees increase?
We always ensure that we stick to the above pricing but client should expect that fees to go up to cover additional overhead if any and we will inform you in advance if any changes in pricing.
Can I request for a demo?
Yes! We will consider all requests from corporates and individuals in some cases; however, there will be a minimal service charge for the demo as we are looking for serious candidates only .
When will my support be started?
Once the payment is received and verified, support assistance starts immediately as per the plan chosen.However there may be some delay due to timezone differences and/or availability.
How should I pay?
We accept all kinds of payment like Paypal, Square Cash, Bank Transfer and Cheques. If you have a specific request or unable to pay using the existing methods please give us a call and we are happy to help you.
Not Sure Which Plan is Right For You?

If you are in doubt of which plan to opt for, chat with our representative now and we will try to help you make the right decision.