IIB utham

IIB utham  it is more than monitoring

There are several commerical solutions available in the market for monitoring IBM Integration Bus. They either ask you to install additional softwares or talk in some jargon language which you do not understand.

IIB Utham is simple but powerful and talks in the language you understand. No additional software. No jargon keywords. It simply runs in your IIB node and gives you all the information you want.

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Professional monitoring solutions

General Questions

All you need to know about Starbis design studio and how to get Support.

In simple terms, this is a monitoring, tracking and enquiring tool developed with pleasing GUI for IIB.

For Google it is Google Assistant, For Apple it is Siri which gives/does what we want to. Similarly IIB Utham is for IIB. Anything you want to know, track and view just go to IIB Utham and say what you want. It will surprise your eyes with stunning graphs and tables with information you asked.

Currently it can monitor the Error Logs aka alarm logs ,Top queue depth flows ,Message flows erroneous activity ,System Logs error ,Any flows stopped ,Any core dump/ abend files created ,JVM Memory ,Disk space.

It supports versions WMBv8 and IIBv9/v10.

Other Questions

All you need to know about the functinal capabilities of IIB Utham

Yes. It can show the logs in GUI just like file view in Windows platform. If you want to read the content and show the details we can customize this for you. We have an alternative for log4j. Log4j uses XPath kind of notation and is not flexible in getting the information you want. We have developed our own custom nodes exclusively for logging and auditing. You just need to connect the terminals and select the log level. It will take care of the rest. This is very much useful not only for debugging but also to see what is happening when a message flow receives messages.

Yes. You just need to configure the queue subscribed to receive monitoring events.

Actually that is the aim of why we developed IIB Utham. Even if there is a document but you don’t want to search all the word documents or codebase or email chains but quickly want to know what is inside a message flow without issuing any commands/scripts just goto IIB Utham->Search->Message Flow->Fill the form and there you are with all the details you needed.

For all kinds of search there is a Search menu which you can use to get the audit logs. It allows you to search by anything you remember or know.

No. Nothing additional is required and it goes with your IIB server itself. If you more nodes and need to monitor from one single GUI we can customize it for you.